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Om Zone

Vi er et designfirma, der grundlæggende mener, at mennesker ikke er adskilt fra naturen. Vi bygger bro mellem 'inde' og 'ude' for at skabe kontekstuelt responsive rum, der holder.

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Our Process

We apply high tech and low tech solutions along with a community consensus methodology to help you achieve your project goals.

What does that mean? 

It means that we will apply cutting edge technology as well as solutions that are tried and true to find a solution that best fits your needs and breaths life into your project. Our communication style is collaborative and inclusive. We make sure all the players are at the table and that the design process is understood by everyone involved. We make sure that there are rigorous feedback loops through the process of design and that we work at your pace. 

Vi anvender højteknologiske og lavteknologiske løsninger sammen med en samfundskonsensusmetode for at hjælpe dig med at nå dine projektmål.  

What is 'Endemic Design'?

Endemic design means you are making space for not only the people inhabiting the land, but also the other living creatures that have evolved with the land. Practicing endemic design means rooting all design considerations in what makes a place unique. Our role and goal is to weave something new into the beautiful existing tapestry of a community, culture, history and habitat.


Kaeli Nolte



Kaeli er grundlægger og administrerende direktør for Zone Design. Hendes vision om en bedre verden er drivkraften for Zone og grunden til, at denne service eksisterer. 

Bring dit projekt ud i livet!
Lad os hjælpe dig med at fortælle din historie i dag.

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